Dan Rhodes at 101

We’ve done the count, and had it independently verified, and we can confirm that there are now an alarming one hundred and one Dan Rhodes books in the world. From Turku to Taipei, from to Bangkok to Brazil, from Anthropology to When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow, we have an extremely precarious tower here at HQ. 


Many thanks are due to all the publishers who have taken a punt on my work over the last fifteen years, all the translators, rights people, jacket designers and subagents. Each one of these editions has helped to keep the wheels on the wagon all this time, and I love them all – even the really freaky looking ones. 

In other news, The Prof remains underground but there’s been much activity behind the scenes – we’re hoping to have something to say about him, and other dramatic developments, before too long. And as a gap-filler I’m thinking about giving away my long-lost Jane Austen collaboration. More news as it breaks…

Happy reading.

Adiós Professor

Exactly twelve weeks after he first went on sale, we are kicking the Prof into the long grass. The hardback sold out a few weeks ago, and some time tomorrow (21st May) we’ll be unpublishing the eBook. For the next 24ish hours you’ll still be able to get it here, but after that he’ll be toast. [UPDATE: he’s toast]

There are no dramatic or sinister reasons for this. We are working on a masterplan which will – one way or another – see him returning to print at some point. If you missed him first time around, please don’t pay collectors’ prices [we’ve seen the hardback on sale for silly money]. He will be back.

Many thanks are due to the pro-Prof camp: the excellent booksellers who have stocked him; everyone who shelled out to buy him; to all those who spread the word and passed on friendly comments; and of course to everyone who drew their own snowman. It’s been a blast.

Finally, a few weeks ago I received an email from Raven Books in Dublin. When I read this anecdote I knew that all the aggro of writing and publishing the book had been worthwhile:


Happy reading.


The Eurovision Snowman Contest – the Scoreboard

Lines are now closed in our Draw-an-Angry-Snowman competition. Entries came in from all over the world (seriously – China, Italy, Portugal, Finland – you name it) and almost every one came with a heart-rending sob story about how the artist had tried but failed to buy a copy of the ‘When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow’. It was all too much, so I shortlisted my favourites then roped in an independent celebrity panel who judged the snowmen sans tales of woe.

Thanks a lot to everyone who took the time to enter. The quality was really high, which made the judging a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Rest assured I’m never doing anything like this again. Please blame the jury, not me, if you didn’t get picked.

Without further ado, the two winners of my no-longer-available new novel ‘When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow’ are:

Naveena of Bristol:

Angry Snowman by Naveena Strickland

And Mik from the National Academy of Insignificant Arts in, possibly, the Netherlands:Image

And the runners up, who will receive – if they would like one – a copy of my golden oldie ‘Anthropology’, are:

Lynn of Milton Keynes:



Emelie of Sweden:


Fiona of Aberdeen:

IMG-20140504-00488 And Wilf of New Zealand:IMG_2331I would like to reiterate that anyone who didn’t win is to blame the all-star panel, not me. If it comes to legal action I will have no hesitation in naming the culprits. I’ll be contacting the winners in the coming days…

And if you didn’t manage to get hold of a copy of the Prof, he will be back in due course [and for now you can find him on the Kindle, if you’re that way inclined].

Happy reading, snowman fans.


Draw an angry snowman competition

Prof cover shrunk_2

To celebrate “When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow” selling out, we at Miyuki Books (i.e. me and Wife-features) are going to be giving away a couple of signed and numbered copies of the now-officially-rare hardback. Here’s how to be in with a chance of winning:

1. Draw a picture of an angry snowman.

2. Take a photo of it, or scan it. Not too massive a file, please.

3. Email it to us here, along with your name and roughly where you come from (we’ll only be in touch for full details when it comes to posting books to prizewinners).

Terms and conditions: You won’t mind us posting your fabulous artwork here and on Twitter, and you won’t get all bolshy if you don’t win. We’ll ship the prizes worldwide if need be.

We do realise that the almost photorealistic quality of the book’s cover art has set the bar exceptionally high, but please don’t let that put you off. Your own snowman needn’t resemble the original at all – all we ask is that it looks really pissed off. The competition will end next Wednesday (7th May) with the results being announced shortly afterwards. [Lines are closed now. Thanks to everyone who entered. We’ll announce the winner early next week].

And though it may seem a little perverse to be running a promotional competition when the thing you’re promoting is unavailable, you can buy the eBook here. And I have eight other books out, and I refuse to believe you’ve read them all.

Happy drawing.

Pounce now…

Just a quick one. If you don’t yet have a hardback of ‘When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow’, they are back on sale at Foyles. Click on the shop link to get there. But this is the last batch, so be quick – don’t let rotten book dealers get them and start selling them on ebay for £100. Which, depressingly, is already starting to happen. The ticket touts of the book world… [Update one hour later: You pounced. It’s gone.]

And while I’m here, we had a smashing review in Scotland on Sunday at the weekend. “A hilarious little story”. You can read it here.

Happy reading.