This Is Life



Dan Rhodes’ seventh book came out in 2012.

“Hair-raising and hilarious. This is the mad-yet-logical world of Dan Rhodes, possibly Britain’s most idiosyncratic writer… Delightfully unique.” The Times.

“This may be the book that makes Rhodes a massive mainstream hit. A genuinely funny and moving novel. Superb.” The Scotsman.

“What has happened to Rhodes? It is as if Samuel Beckett had suddenly come up with a glorious, high-spirited comedy.” Michael Holroyd, The Guardian (warning – this review gives away the ending of every single plotline).

“Dan Rhodes, where have you been all my life? This novel was a revelation. By turns comic, dramatic and touching; the wit is spot-on, the writing immaculate, the atmosphere so French you can smell the Gauloises. I loved it.” The Daily Mail

“A comic confection perfectly suited to lulling even the most cynical into willingly suspending disbelief. You even start relishing the fact that it is similar in tone to Amélie, and just like that film it is irresistible.” The Daily Telegraph

“Rhodes is sharp, witty and endlessly clever, and, as the plot deftly sidesteps from the ridiculous to the sublime and back, there’s little that isn’t charming along the way.” Irish Times

“For those in the know, the arrival of a new Dan Rhodes book is something to revel in. This is Life is sharp, satirical, heart-warming, at times silly, knowing and hugely enjoyable. This is his most mainstream book by some margin, yet it doesn’t sacrifice any of the author’s intelligence, skill or empathy for his characters. If you like love, art, Paris and the joys of life, This is Life is the book for you.” The Big Issue

“Dan Rhodes’s heavily quirky, warmly improbable feel-good novel is romantic and satirical by turns, with a serious, sentimental core.” The Sunday Times

“His comic timing is impeccable and his ability to create hilariously up-ended set pieces is unsurpassable. Dan Rhodes may just be the funniest author writing today.” Booktrust

“Rhodes has produced another wonderful work with his latest novel… Rhodes displays his talent for finding the wonder in small moments. Often comic and sometimes tragic, readers will be immersed in these characters, each with a different rhythm; even the least significant of supporting players are brought to life.” Publishers Weekly (U.S.)

“Fun and romantic, ironic and ingenious, touching and human; Dan Rhodes shows us a crazy world with its own incontrovertible logic, and gives us a taste once again, with his unique, explosive writing, of the dizzying beauty of life.” Il tempo (translated from a review of the excellent Italian hardback edition)

Czech edition:


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bello della vita

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