Dan Rhodes Film Club

Over the years a few misguided souls have made short films of my work. I’ll be embedding them here from time to time. For starters, here are a couple by San Francisco’s very own Victor Solomon, who adapted quite a few of the stories from Anthropology:

Over to Holland now, for a lovely hand-drawn animation based on one of my stories. I can’t work out which story, but not to worry:

This one is perhaps my favourite – an adaptation of Faithful, by Ukrainian director Elena Maksymenko:

Another adaptation of Faithful, this one made entirely with post-it notes. Ace:

Here’s an Italian dramatisation of Anthropology, featuring substantially more violence than I remember there being in the book. Nobody told me this had happened. There was also an Umbrian ballet based on Don’t Tell Me the Truth About Love that I found out about by chance – it’s odd to discover after the fact that people have been making plays of your stuff. There have been some stage adaptations that I’ve been told about, and I tend to wave them through without asking for a fee – most theatre companies are cash-strapped, and if nobody’s making any money I don’t expect to get paid either. But it’s nice to be asked (though knowing how the biz works, publishers could well have been approached but been too lazy to pass on the message). Still, it looks like it was a fun night out. Sort of: