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There’s no other way of putting it: Dan Rhodes is Box Office Dynamite. This page will detail his many stage and screen triumphs.

First up, here is his book Timoleon Vieta Come Home, taking centre stage in a pivotal scene in Knocked Up – managing two appearances in a single shot, and stealing the limelight from poor Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl, both of whom only appear the once.

Industry insiders attribute 12-14% of the movie’s critical and commercial success to the book’s appearance.

Remember when nobody had heard of Sex and the City, and then suddenly everybody was watching it? Ever wondered how it suddenly leapt from nowhere into the viewing public’s consciousness? Wonder no longer. It all dates back to Episode 6 of Season 4 – Baby, Talk Is Cheap, in which a copy of Rhodes’ legendary book Anthropology can be seen on Carrie’s desk for the whole episode, giving the show just the injection of credibility it needed. Here it is, with Bradshaw’s hands:

That’s it in the foreground, under her notebook and slightly out of focus. It’s the US hardback edition – orange with big purple spots. And just in case you don’t believe that those are really Bradshaw’s hands, here it is again – just an arm’s length from that famous mane:

It’s the episode where Carrie gets back with Aiden (who she should really have ended up with – not that we watch it or anything). Rhodes accepts no responsibility for the movie spin-offs.

Rhodes has also conquered the world of the music video. Here is Frankie Sandford out of S Club Juniors and The Saturdays reading a rare green edition of his book Timoleon Vieta Come Home in the video for Undercover Lover, the song she did with Kids In Glass Houses. Watch it here.

You can find some short films here.

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More to follow…