Farewell Gig & Czech Book

For a long time it’s seemed as though I’ve been constantly on the road – recently I’ve been performing as many as two gigs in a single year. This punishing schedule has taken its toll, and I’ve decided to take an indefinite hiatus from the book reading circuit. There’s one last chance to catch my Live Spectacular though – in Liverpool on Tuesday 31st May, with full accompanying cast. Details below. See you all there – no excuses.


I may drift back into circulation when the kids are much older, or if I ever have another book out. Both of those are dim and distant prospects, so that’ll be it for at least a few years. I’ve had some tremendous times touring, and I’m really grateful to everyone who’s helped organise the events, or turned up to listen. It’s taken me to places I would never otherwise have been (Turku! Hvar! Bellingham, WA! Inverness!); I’ve toured alongside some truly excellent people (A week with Jim Dodge! Two weeks in the opera houses of Flanders with Tama Janowitz, Jeffrey Eugenides and Tom Barman! A Trans-American haul with DBC Pierre!); and been a tiny part of some superb festivals (Edinburgh! Crossing Border! Laugharne Weekend! ATP!). I even met my wife at a gig at the Haight Ashbury branch of Booksmith. But as with just about everything (particularly exclamation marks), the secret’s knowing when to stop.

In other news, the Czech translation of When The Professor Got Stuck In The Snow is out. This  edition is very close to my heart, because for a long time Alexander Tomsky at LEDA was the only publisher in the world who was plucky enough to publish it; until the equally plucky Aardvark Bureau came along, it seemed for several months as though it would only be available in Czech.


That’s all for now.

Happy reading,



3 thoughts on “Farewell Gig & Czech Book

  1. Dan, Dan…Dan! I can’t believe you are deserting us…
    but you deserve the break, and must enjoy the kids’ years to the max.

    I will continue to re-read all your books, but also await news of any new writings in the future.
    What’s happening about the filming of Gold?

    Best wishes


  2. Dear Dan Rhodes,

    After two years, in which Amazon almost monthly mailed to me that the book was not available and wouldn’t I rather choose another one? Of course I refused. It became a running gag for me. But lo and behold, they are now actually sending me When the Professor Got Stuck (one of the last three copies)!

    I hope you’ll keep writing and find at last a Dutch publisher worthy of your work. If the Czechs can do it, why not the Dutch?

    All the best,

    Frans van der Wiel


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