High drama – new editions and tiny tour


Here it is. At last, after a long and wretched struggle, I’ve found a publisher bold enough to take on The Prof, and it’s back from the printers. Kudos to Aardvark Bureau for not being frightened of Richard Dawkins [see previous posts] and for matchmaking the book with the artist Pete Fowler, who has done us proud with the jacket.

The official publication date is 1st October, but we’ve heard reports of copies trickling in to the shops early. Please buy as many as you can carry, and hand them out to friends and strangers.

We’re big fans of this trade preview from Netgalley, who made it one of their picks of the month:


There’s also a tour date to report – the first Live Spectacular in over two years. It’s in London, at Blackwell’s High Holborn on Thursday 1st October at 6.30, and it’s free to get in. Full details here. It’s likely to be the only gig of the year – though more may follow in due course, depending on this and that.

In other news there’s been a fun looking edition of Marry Me come in from the Czech Republic:


Happy reading.

3 thoughts on “High drama – new editions and tiny tour

  1. Congrats! And by the way, did you see that Narrative magazine has “invented” a genre to celebrate their new smart phone app — a genre that tells an entire story in less than 150 words? Hm, sounds a lot like your collection of stories published as Anthropology! Their competition announcement is here: http://www.narrativemagazine.com/node/80025

  2. I’m always keen to downplay any accusations of originality – plenty were writing that kind of thing before me. Thanks for the congrats!

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