The Professor is Landing


Here he is. It’s starting to look as if the experiment has not been a complete disaster after all. I finished writing ‘When the Professor got Stuck in the Snow’ on 11th January, and on 21st February UPS knocked on the door with 400 hardbacks. So it can be done. If I’d waited for conventional publishing cogs to creak into gear it wouldn’t have been out until 2015. Thanks are due to my design genius nephew Luke for laying out the jacket with lightning speed, and to the printer, CPI, for working so fast and producing a really high quality edition.

We’re trying to get as many of them as possible to bookshops, and have had a great response so far – a quarter of the run is currently in transit. If you happen to be a bookseller, big or small, please do get in touch here. Likewise, if you’re a journo who feels like giving this reckless endeavour a bit of coverage, please say hello.

We’ve now opened our own shop too, and if eBooks are your thing you can buy it here.

Not convinced? You can try before you buy. The Independent on Sunday has run an extract  – it lives here.

In other news, the US edition of ‘Marry Me’ had the review of a lifetime in The Washington Post, and Spanish and Italian translations are out now too.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a launch without a launch party. Here are some photos from the event:

IMG_2058_2That’s me, Wife-features and the interns. The event was hosted by an unauthorised cutout of Jonny Woo taped to a wooden spatula. Here he is, mingling with the guests:

IMG_2071_2We love Jonny Woo – here’s why.

Happy reading.

5 thoughts on “The Professor is Landing

  1. Dear Mr. Rhodes, Congrats on the writing and publishing success. Being a professor in women’s studies who writes on evolutionary theorists like Dawkins, I anxiously went to my one-click system to buy the e-book today. However, according to amazon/kindle this book cannot be purchased in the United States. I’m sure I’m not the only American fan of yours attempting to buy this book. Do tell us how it can be done most easily. Thanks!

  2. Hi Martha. Here’s the story – I have a new US publication with my book ‘Marry Me’. The publisher’s giving it a great push and I don’t want to tread on their toes by putting out another new book at the same time, so I’m holding off from US distribution for the time being. The eBook won’t be available there quite yet, but I’m working on sorting out international shipping for the hardback, and hopefully this will be up and running later in the week (I’ll post an update here when I know what’s what). I’m on the case… Glad to hear you want to read it, and I hope we can get it to you before too long. DR

  3. Great, thank you! By the way, I really enjoyed This is Life and already bought Marry Me as well.
    MM (PS I’m the one who spotted your book, Anthropology, on Sex and the City years ago)

  4. I knew the name rang a bell. That was one of my rare moments of glory – I bore people with that story to this day. Glad to hear you’ve tracked down the others. We’ll get this one to you somehow…

  5. Hi Dan,

    The Professor arrived this morning – thanks heaps.

    It looks terrific, and it’s amazing to think it has all come together so quickly and so well – brilliant stuff, sir.

    And hilarious about Francis Plug in the acknowledgements – he said he was “over the moon” to be mentioned, although to be honest, he was really very drunk.

    Great to see you haven’t gone changin’. (Apart from the entire production output / supply process of your work.)




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