What the Professor did next…

‘When the Professor got Stuck in the Snow’ has been out for a week and a half. Here it is making its debut in the Independent on Sunday:


I know that’s not the clearest picture, but you can read it online here.

Sales have been brisk – well over half the print run has gone. So if you’ve not bought your copy yet, you’d better step on it. Our pop up shop has been doing a steady trade – the first batch sold out straight away, and the second is running low. After that it’ll probably only be available in isolated shops, and then who knows? Not me. I gambled our grocery money on the hardback. We’re going to get it back, but whether I should gamble it again on a second edition is another matter. I’ve spent too many hours playing the slots in Matlock Bath, and I know what happens when you reinvest your winnings…

I’ve not been able to trust myself with international orders, but we’ve partnered up with a highly reputable bookseller so anyone from anywhere can get hold of it – worldwide shipping is available here from Foyles. As ever, these are signed and numbered first editions.

I’ve been so busy with the hardback that I’ve almost forgotten there’s an ebook to plug too, if that’s your thing.

In other news, there was a nice piece about ‘Little Hands Clapping’ in the paper at the weekend. You can read it here.

And that, for now, is all.

Happy reading.

2 thoughts on “What the Professor did next…

  1. Hi Dan,

    Just finished the Professor this morning, as it happens.

    It’s terrific, very clever, very thought-provoking, and of course, very funny.

    I particular liked the Mr Tumble references (‘I know someone who could slip into his shoes’), and the ex-girlfriend dating the magician who pulls out the hankie which keeps coming and coming.

    My wife-features is all set to read it next, and I haven’t given away the ending.

    Fantastic to hear it’s doing so well.

    Don’t go changin’.



  2. ..

    Well Dan…
    Great to hear that sales have been brisk!

    I finished The Prof at the weekend, and was highly delighted at how it all worked out.
    The scene that keeps replaying in my mind is the Prof riding through the snow-coverd countryside on top of a tank and taking a header into the cess-pit! However, that is to single out one incident from so many, and there were lots of perfect moments throughout this wonderful story. I loved it!
    Special mention must be made of Dave the taxi driver and his alliterating vegetables…sheer brilliance!

    I could go on, but then you know the story, obviously…

    Thank you for this book, and the others, and please write another one soon!


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