Seven Seas – a new story by Dan Rhodes

My Valentine’s gift to the world…

Seven Seas

I decided that our first Valentine’s day together would be the perfect time to let Amara know just how much she meant to me. I held her hand across the candlelit dinner table, gazed into her beautiful eyes and told her that I loved her. “I would climb the highest mountain for you,” I said. “I would walk across burning coals for you. I would swim the seven seas for you. I would…”
+++“Stop there,” she said. “What was that last one?”
+++“Er… swim the seven seas, I think.”
+++“I’ll choose that.” She left the room, and returned moments later holding my swimming trunks. “You get into these, and I’ll drive us to the beach.”
+++An hour later, cold English water lapped around my ankles.
+++“Well?” she said. “Don’t just stand there shivering – off you go, and I’ll see you in Antigua.”
+++I had meant every word, and without another thought I started swimming.
+++When, at last, I reached my destination, there she was, her golden body faultless in a tiny bikini. Beside her stood a tall, tanned and muscular man.
+++“Who’s he?” I asked, as I struggled to catch my breath.
+++“‘He’ is Jorge,” she explained. “He’s been a very good friend to me during this anxious time, and the least you could do is be civil to him.”
+++I realised how rude I must have sounded, and did my best to make up for it. “Hello Jorge,” I said, raising my hand in a friendly wave. “It’s nice to meet you.”
+++“No comprende,” he said.
+++Amara yawned. “We’re very tired, aren’t we Jorge? It’s time for our nap.”
+++“No comprende,” he said, his smile revealing perfectly white teeth as he ran his fingers through his thick dark hair.
+++She turned to me. “That’s the Atlantic done. Do the Pacific next – Jorge and I will see you in Thailand.”
+++As she and Jorge went off for their nap, I waded back into the water. I was so glad that I had finally found that special someone. All I could think of was Amara, and as I began the long swim south towards Cape Horn I could feel my heart overflowing with love.

– – – –

If that was up your street, please seek psychiatric help – but not before rushing out and buying my new book ‘Marry Me’, where you’ll find plenty more of this sort of thing.

Thanks to competition winner @Lisa_Reiter for the name.

And congratulations to me for working out how to format paragraphs in WordPress. They don’t make it easy.

© Dan Rhodes 2014

3 thoughts on “Seven Seas – a new story by Dan Rhodes

  1. Brilliant, as always! Turned my routine,! boring morning ablutions into a spa of cheery bubbles! Looking forward to the new book! Pirate

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