Dan Rhodes at 101

We’ve done the count, and had it independently verified, and we can confirm that there are now an alarming one hundred and one Dan Rhodes books in the world. From Turku to Taipei, from to Bangkok to Brazil, from Anthropology to When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow, we have an extremely precarious tower here at HQ. 


Many thanks are due to all the publishers who have taken a punt on my work over the last fifteen years, all the translators, rights people, jacket designers and subagents. Each one of these editions has helped to keep the wheels on the wagon all this time, and I love them all – even the really freaky looking ones. 

In other news, The Prof remains underground but there’s been much activity behind the scenes – we’re hoping to have something to say about him, and other dramatic developments, before too long. And as a gap-filler I’m thinking about giving away my long-lost Jane Austen collaboration. More news as it breaks…

Happy reading.