Adiós Professor

Exactly twelve weeks after he first went on sale, we are kicking the Prof into the long grass. The hardback sold out a few weeks ago, and some time tomorrow (21st May) we’ll be unpublishing the eBook. For the next 24ish hours you’ll still be able to get it here, but after that he’ll be toast. [UPDATE: he’s toast]

There are no dramatic or sinister reasons for this. We are working on a masterplan which will – one way or another – see him returning to print at some point. If you missed him first time around, please don’t pay collectors’ prices [we’ve seen the hardback on sale for silly money]. He will be back.

Many thanks are due to the pro-Prof camp: the excellent booksellers who have stocked him; everyone who shelled out to buy him; to all those who spread the word and passed on friendly comments; and of course to everyone who drew their own snowman. It’s been a blast.

Finally, a few weeks ago I received an email from Raven Books in Dublin. When I read this anecdote I knew that all the aggro of writing and publishing the book had been worthwhile:


Happy reading.


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