Draw an angry snowman competition

Prof cover shrunk_2

To celebrate “When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow” selling out, we at Miyuki Books (i.e. me and Wife-features) are going to be giving away a couple of signed and numbered copies of the now-officially-rare hardback. Here’s how to be in with a chance of winning:

1. Draw a picture of an angry snowman.

2. Take a photo of it, or scan it. Not too massive a file, please.

3. Email it to us here, along with your name and roughly where you come from (we’ll only be in touch for full details when it comes to posting books to prizewinners).

Terms and conditions: You won’t mind us posting your fabulous artwork here and on Twitter, and you won’t get all bolshy if you don’t win. We’ll ship the prizes worldwide if need be.

We do realise that the almost photorealistic quality of the book’s cover art has set the bar exceptionally high, but please don’t let that put you off. Your own snowman needn’t resemble the original at all – all we ask is that it looks really pissed off. The competition will end next Wednesday (7th May) with the results being announced shortly afterwards. [Lines are closed now. Thanks to everyone who entered. We’ll announce the winner early next week].

And though it may seem a little perverse to be running a promotional competition when the thing you’re promoting is unavailable, you can buy the eBook here. And I have eight other books out, and I refuse to believe you’ve read them all.

Happy drawing.

5 thoughts on “Draw an angry snowman competition

  1. Are you going to publish a paperback edition of ‘when the professor.. Liz Stuckey

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Yes. We don’t know how yet, but we’ll make sure he comes back into print…

  3. Having seen the winners and runners up I am so embarrassed that I even submitted my humble attempt! both of them! I’ll stick to my day job in future! Since I already have a signed copy of the Snowman I probably shouldn’t have entered anyway…LOL!
    BTW, I too have, and have read all the books, and I ant another one…soon! Please!

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