Last Gasps and Libraries


Three months ago today I finished writing ‘When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow’. Since then I’ve printed it, published it and sold the lot. That’s a photo of the final consignment to leave the kitchen table – twenty copies on their way to Foyles on Charing Cross Road in London. They should be back on sale there early next week. There’s a list of other possible stockists here.

I’m hoping a paperback will be out in the not-too-distant future, but that very much depends on the Prof partnering up with a non-chicken publisher. Is there such a thing? In the meantime there’s the eBook, so all is not lost.

Nice press is continuing to come in – there’s been a lovely review in The Guardian (Saturday 12th April edition). And at the time of typing, all comments below the article are positive – possibly a first in Guardian history? If you’re a book pages editor and you haven’t covered it yet you must be feeling a little embarrassed. But don’t worry – there’s still time to turn things around.

More reviews here.

I’ve kept ten copies of the hardback aside to donate to public libraries – free to the first ten librarians to email HQ here. UK only I’m afraid (postage elsewhere would be too much to cope with). Putting ‘I’m a librarian’ in the subject line isn’t compulsory but it will help. I’m old fashioned enough to feel that a book hasn’t been properly published until it’s in the library system… [UPDATE – the ten copies have now been bagged by nimble-fingered librarians.]

In other news, my 2007 novel Gold is still alive. A film adaptation is in the pipeline, but that’s top secret so we can’t mention it yet, and the Czech translation is out on 14th April. Here it is:

ZlatoHappy reading.


3 thoughts on “Last Gasps and Libraries

  1. If ever a book needed to be made into a film, it is Gold. I can almost see it already, and have half the cast sorted out too. I am a bit feeble of memory these days so cannot remember which of your books was the first one I read, but I do recall stumbling upon it as a Book of the Day or somesuch budget offer on my Kindle, and after reading it I downloaded all the others. I rather think it might have been Little White Car…I expect I was drawn to the title as i am a fan of Alexei Sayle’s “Barcelona Plates”, but whatever the reason I have loved each book and frequently recount bits and bobs to friends and family…some of them won’t read and some I suspect can’t… Anyway, I digress. I am delighted that the Prof is a sellout, and as I mentioned before, Dave the taxi driver is an amazing character, and should I ever ascend to such a profession I will emulate him as faithfully as possible, for the better education of my fares. A friend asked me to describe your work as I had been raving on about it so much. I tried to explain the interplay of “dark” and “comedic” with a handful of “unexpected” and “inventive”…in summary, I told him to think “JG Ballard, but it makes you laugh”. I have lent him the copy of Anthropology which you so kindly sent with the Prof and expect his review shortly. He did glance at it a few times during the evening, “between ends”, and as we left the tennis court he mutterd “Quite a lot in here that reminds me of Moira…”. No doubt Moira, his wife, will let Sue, my wife, know her own thoughts on that… Happy Easter! Colin  


  2. I’m not a librarian but…do you have any spare copies of ‘When the Professor Got Stuck In The Snow’ knocking about that we could purchase from you for a dear friend of ours who we’d promised a copy for his birthday? My husband has already ordered and presented me with a copy to which I was overjoyed, in fact chuffed as you’d signed it. Here’s hoping, Jessie Field

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  3. Hi Dan
    Thanks for your kind offer. I have just emailed but put Public Library in the subject. Probably because it is too early to start work on a lovely Saturday morning!

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